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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The sky is falling, Chicken Little.

The sky is falling, Chicken Little.

At least that's what my husband, cousin, and I thought when we heard (and felt) two close set "booms" as we were chatting together in my living room. Andrew's first thought - Armaggeddon. My first thought - a transformer blew (that's actually happened in our area before) but all the street lights were still on. The answer to the riddle of the double boom wasn't answered until I heard a newcaster talk about hearing the sonic boom from the the shuttle landing. Then it all fell into place.

I can still remember when a space shuttle landing (or take off) inspired awe and excitement. I remember going outside in school to watch launces. It was neat, the concept of space. Now it's kind of, well, whatever. Have we really become so desensitized to something that 50 years ago was all but an impossibility. It's kind of sad when that childlike wonder diappears.

If you're interested:
Space Shuttle Completes 16-Day Mission, and Lands
Endeavour calls it a night with safe landing


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