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Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Yoga is a wonderful practice. In the past, I have enjoyed practicing yoga, especially when I am able to do it on a consistent basis. It is so beneficial to my body, with all of the aches and pains I deal with on a daily basis. There was one time, for about a month, where I had no pain due to my plantar faciitis (pain in the foot and heel associated with an inflamed tendon in the bottom of the foot), that was when I was doing yoga about four times a week. There was another time when my back pain had virtually disappeared, that was when I was doing yoga five times a week (and working out at the gym too).

I lost a great deal of my flexibility since having my son. Being pregnant messes with your joints. There is a chemical released in your system that loosens the cartilage in your body when you are pregnant. The main reason for that is to make it easier for your pelvis to expand when the baby comes out. Well, the chemical isn’t localized. I had a lot of issues with my ankles and my hips. They didn’t like to stay in their joints. I almost fell several times. Well, I still have those issues. My joints feel weakened and stiff. Yoga would help me immensely.

There is a yoga program on Oxygen network called Inhale. Steve Ross is the instructor. He is amazing. I love that program and won’t waste my time with others (except for practice on my own). I purchased his book some time ago, but it has been collecting dust on my shelf. One aspect about his method that I love is how rigorous it is. unfortunately, that also means I won’t be able to do all of it at first. I am so stiff and out of it, that I’ll have to take it easy for a while. But, hopefully, it won’t take long to get back into the swing of things.

So, Three times a week. That should be enough to ease me back into things while still making a difference. I have a tendency to go balls-to-the-wall when I start an exercise regimine, and I normally injure myself and have to stop. So, I’m going to start off slow and steady and build up my strength a bit before going full force. I am basically starting from scratch since I was out of shape before the pregnancy and that just made it worse. I think it is safe to say that I am in the worst shape of my life right now.


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