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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Bigger than myself....

Tonight I got to experience something that I haven't had the opportunity to experience since I was a kid.

My little brother started playing baseball when he was 6 years old. I can't tell you how many days and nights I spent at the little league watching him practice and play. When he made the All-Star team, it meant even more time and more fields. There was always something about watching him play. Not just because he is my brother and I wanted him to do well, but because I felt connected to the team. They're victory felt like my victory. I got to be a part of their celebrations and I felt proud to be connected to it.

I haven't felt that sort of "team-spirit" for many years. I got to feel that again tonight. My in-laws gave my husband and I four tickets to the Ray vs. Twins game tonight. We took two of our friends and headed to the Trop. I new that the Rays were only a game away from clinching a spot in the playoffs, but it hadn't really sunk in. One of the greeters was standing by the escalator and saying "History is going to be made tonight." That's when I realized exactly what I was in store for.

Growing up we were Braves fans in my house. Not exactly a local team. I got out of baseball for a while, but started getting back into it a few years ago. I had never been a Devil Rays supporter. My husband's family is from Boston, so I became a Red Sox supporter when we first got together. A couple years ago I decided that I was going to support my home team. I'm a Tampa Bay girl. I needed to support my local teams. It was only right. So I decided that my favorite baseball teams were: 1) Devil Rays; 2) Red Sox; 3) Whoever was playing the Yankees. Even when the Devil Rays were losing, they were still my team.

This season has been pretty amazing. My husband and I have been to 4 games and we've had a blast every time. We've watched the other games on TV. I have several co-workers who follow baseball, and so I've been able to talk to them about it. Not since I was little have I been this immersed in baseball. It's been a fun summer.

I was really excited about this game tonight. I watched some of my favorite players walk up to the plate and do some great things. I some amazing plays and even more amazing dedication. I am rather amused that my home team has decided to shave mohawks in, and I didn't even mind that there were dozens of fans that have done the same thing.

More than what I saw was what I felt. I real sense of unity and support for those players. i genuinely feel that I was part of something incredible tonight. I get to say that I was at the game where the Rays clinched a playoff spot. It was a great game. They played a decent team. And watching the team rush the field to celebrate was amazing. I hope that I can get in to see s playoff game, and I hope that they take it farther and I can be a part of that too.

Damn, it feels good to be a Tampa Bay girl tonight.

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