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Monday, April 03, 2006

Because school doesn't cause me enough...

I know that buying a house is supposed to be a great thing. I also know that it is supposed to cause a lot of "house buying stress." I guess the question is whether or not I can handle it. I already have a ton of stress coming at me from school. One need only scroll down 4 posts and it will become blatantly obvious just how much school affects my stress level.

I also have a lot of stress coming from my wedding plans. Granted I am trying to keep everything as simple as possible; however, there are things/people that are making it hard. The way that I want my wedding (including the 4 separate receptions that I've decided on) is very simple with as little pressure on me as possible. In fact, all my fiance and I really have to plan is the ceremony & our "friends" reception. The other three are going to be planned by our parents (not like that's exactly a grief free venture). There is still stress there.

There is also stress from my determination to lose weight. Now that sort of stems from the wedding plans also, because I don't think I'd be nearly as persistent and hard core about it if I didn't have the wedding deadline looming over my head.

I've always had financial stress because I am just not good at handling money. I am great at monitoring it, just not so great at the not spending it. That is where my biggest concern about buying the house comes into play.

So, should I take the plunge or shouldn't I. I've already broken my fiance's heart by telling him that I didn't feel it was the right time. I actually feel like I have smashed his hopes and dreams by expressing misgivings about this one thing (and this one thing is a $170,000 mortgage). It's hard to know what to do. It is damn scary too.

I guess I'll figure everything out (well everything associated with this particular house) in a day or too. I have no choice, I have to.