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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Stupid Hormones

So apparantly the fetus is deciding to play with my emotions lately. It thinks that it's fun to make almost mommy cry at stupid things.

Case in point number 1: Stupid, sentimental commercials. If people are hugging, and there is sappy music, watch out for the water works. Or, if people are going out of the way to be nice to other people, then my eyes leak a bit. Stupid commercials.

Case in point number 2: This is perhaps the most embarrasing, but I'm telling everybody, to that makes it ok. The Karate Kid 2. I'm not even kidding. I cried while watching the Karate Kid 2. When they go and save the villagers and Sato in the storm, I got teary eyed. When Sato shows up with the trucks to help rebuild the village, there was moisture on my face. When they pulled out the little drums in the huge fight scene at the end, that about did it for me. Stupid movie. That movie had some terrible acting in it to boot.

Stupid hormones.

Fetus Countdown



A lot of you have asked me to post pictures of my stomach. I'm not going to. At least not yet. I am currently 65 lbs overweight (I don't even want to hear it, so save it) so what everyone is mistaking for baby growth is just my stomach. The difference is that because of the baby, it causes me pain to hold it in like I was. I actually lost 2 lbs over the past 4 weeks. That's a good thing. I don't need to gain any actual weight for this pregnancy. It is completely feasible for me to simply redistribute the weight. Have the number stay the same, just have it transfer from the fat cells surrounding my middle and things to the baby. Now, I don't actually think that this is going to happen, since I can't seem to eat properly. Althoug, I have gotten better. So, no more asking me to see pictures of the belly because I don't rejoice in the fact that I haven't gained any pregnancy weight, yet still look pregnant.

However, that all being said, I have experienced some pregnancy growth in another area. My boobs. They were rediculous before, and they're even worse now. I can't even imagine how big they are going to get by the end. They got bigger right away. I was a 34-36 DD before I got pregnant. I am now a full 38 DDD. Yes, there are 3 D's there. They actually get in my way. I have to move them in order to look at my stomach. Ridiculous. They feel huge, and sometimes they look huge. But, I still can't belive that my breasts are in the DDD range. Yikes.

I just bought a more supportive, full coverage bra. For those of you (men) not well versed in bra language, a full coverage bra actually covers the whole breast, as opposed to the demi, which doesn't. The demi cups are the ones that give women cleavage. Now, this bra that I bought is pretty ridiculous. So ridiculous that I had to post pictures.

The Breasts - Front & Side View

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The Bra

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(yes, each cup is bigger than my face)

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Now, inevitably, someone reading this will be thinking, "I wish having big boobs was my problem." Well, as long as you don't think it out loud so I can hear it, or type it, then go right ahead. My response to this statement is: Having small boobs never gave anyone back and shoulder pain. I experience a lot of pain, and have been for a while, from my breasts. The straps, which have to be tight in order to give me adequate support, dig into my shoulders causing great amounts of pain. When I am leaning forward typing (as I do when I am in class), gravity comes into play, and makes my chest feel even heavier than it is. That lovely phenomenon causes back spasms in my upper back. Those are glorious.

One last thing about what a pain these gigantic things are, I have indentions in my shoulders from the bra straps. These indentions may become permanent. Here's what I mean by indentions:


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So, the next time you feel the need to wish these burdens upon yourself, take a long look in the mirror at your lovely, indention free shoulders.

I do have something to look forward to in the future. I am glad that Andrew and I decided to start having kids this early. As soon as we are done having kids (after 2 kids if I get my way, or after 3 kids if Andrew gets his way) and Andrew gets a vasectomy, I am treating myself to a lovely little breast reduction and lift. I think I'd like to be a full C, but I have to tell you, I would give just about anything to be able to walk around bra less and still be perky. Those days are long gone. Women who have breasts that are Ds and bigger are no longer perky. That's how you can tell if someone has implants.

Rant over.

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