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Monday, March 06, 2006


So my writing has seriously gone downhill. I used to write a lot. Granted, it was a lot of crap a lot of the time, but at least I was putting pen to paper. This year I actually made a New Year's Resolution. I vowed to myself that I would start to keep a handwritten journal/diary. I didn't. I had a lot of stuff that I wanted to write about too. A lot of stuff happened at the beginning of the year that was exciting and diary worthy, but nope. Couldn't bring myself to do it.

I miss the days when I was an undergrad and I would sit outside and write about...well, whatever I wanted to. I was especially creative when I was taking a creative writing course there. I produced some really great stuff then. Now - Nothing. And it sucks. But I guess that it is just one more thing to add to my, "I used to be/do this..." list. I have a lot of those now.